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Grumpy Geese Reported

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

There have been isolated reports of "grumpy geese" in the vicinity of the Andover Ponds. The area was inspected last night and no geese, Canadian or otherwise, were located. There was a duck, but it appeared in good spirits.

A fisherman at the second pond was questioned and he stated that the disgruntled foul were all down near the 3rd pond. We investigated all the way to the 4th pond with no geese located. We did maybe spot a mink, but it's mood was undetermined. Another village resident who visited the Andover Ponds last night also corroborated the lack of geese in the area. Stating there were "no geese" while he'd been in the area.

It's possible that the geese's mood improved and they decided to take their grumpy selves elsewhere.

Geese Free Andover Ponds - Duck also declined to be pictured

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