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Local Snapping Turtle Strutting it's Stuff

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Andover area commuters may have noticed a large fella (or lady... I'm not a turtle expert) making its way across Rt. 21 north of Water St. this morning.

One commuter came into town to get assistance with moving the large snapper out of the road. When she returned with back up the turtle had already safely moved to the side of the road. It is unclear at this time if the snapping turtle made the treacherous journey under its own power or if another good Samaritan stopped to assist.

June is peek snapping turtle time according to local folks in the know. It is best to slow down and drive around the animals, but some stubborn reptiles decide to sunbath in traffic. If you do stop to assist a snapping turtle it is best to move the turtle in the direction it was headed. Either pick the turtle up at the rear of the shell near the tail using two hands, or slide a car mat under the turtle to drag the turtle across the road (so says the DEC). Don't pick it up by the tail. Do not put your hands in front of the turtle as snapping turtles don't care about your good intentions and will take a finger if given the opportunity.

Pictured below is the disgruntled snapping turtle. We're assuming that the attitude is from being rushed and all the attention. The ungrateful turtle gave no statement.

Fun fact, snapping turtles are NY state's official state reptile. Apparently lizard people were not considered as they're not "real" and definitely aren't running anything.

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