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Molly Turner Appointed New ACS Principal

Molly Turner
Mrs. Molly Turner future ACS Principal

At the dawn of the millennium (aka 2000 AD) Molly Turner bid farewell to the hallowed halls of Andover Central School and went out into the world to make her mark. Following her education at St. Bonaventure University Mrs. Turner took a position at Alfred-Almond Central School working in Special Education. While her role has changed and grown over the last 18 years at AA she has remained passionate about educating and supporting her students. On September 27th she'll be returning to Andover to begin her new chapter as ACS principal.

Before her illustrious career at Alfred-Almond Mrs. Turner was best known in Andover as a goody two-shoes and star athlete. Mrs. Turner could only recall one time that she was sent to the principal's office to see Mr. Macintosh in elementary school, and the reason for the visit has been forgotten (allegedly). One former classmate stated, "Back in high school Molly was very involved and always kind." What was she involved in? Everything. She played soccer, basketball, and softball and was in Honor Society and a bunch of other stuff. Mrs. Turner's favorite memories from high school, aside from enjoying the antics of her classmates, was the Sherburne Pageant of Bands trips. Mrs. Turner played clarinet and enjoyed the adventure of the trips as well as the competition.

Mrs. Turner hopes that being an ACS aulumnus will give her a leg up in her new role knowing what the community and parents expect in a principal. She feels that she understands the community culture of the school well and states, "The school is the hub of the community in Andover, and I'm really looking forward to being a part of that again."

ACS class of 2000
Class of 2000 with (now) Principal Turner front and center

Changing schools after 18 years may be a big adjustment, but Mrs. Turner is excited to join the Andover team of educators, administrators, and staff. However, her sports team allegiance is a little more complicated. When asked which team she'd root for if ACS played AA in Soccer she stated, "I would have to be a neutral party and just cheer for both teams." We'll forgive her for that one since her husband is the AA coach.

Molly Turner
High school basketball star and expert lounger

Mrs. Turner is excited to get started and looks forward to meeting with parents, students, and community members. She invites everyone to stop in and say hi when she officially becomes a Panther again on September 27th.

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