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Potholes: Which is your favorite?

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Now that the snow and ice have melted from the beautiful streets of Andover some of our favorite potholes are back on display. Many are minor annoyances, but there are a few around the village that have us apologizing to our cars.

The village crew should be commended for filling the major holes at the corner of Barney St. and Elm St and the corner of Elm St and East Ave and several other more minor potholes around town. These would surely be in the running if they'd not been so expertly patched.

So which pothole in town is your particular favorite? Comment below with your suggestions for this years winner.

Suggestions: Rochambeau - All of it

Rochambeau- The hill that makes your soul leave your body

3rd Street

E Greenwood St - Visble bricks from 1917

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1 Comment

Madison G
Madison G
May 26, 2021

Definitely Steve's Gas & Grub. Totally unavoidable, devistatingly lethal. RIP

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