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Race to Complete Roofs Before Rain Returns

The never-ending deluge of summer rain has paused briefly. During this much needed reprieve roofers and construction crews have hit town with gusto.

The First Presbyterian church on East Greenwood Street is getting a new topper from an Amish crew. I was not aware they could use lifts, but more power to them on that front. It looks like they are making quick work of it. The church had been fundraising for this new roof for several years so I'm sure the congregation is looking forward to the project coming to fruition.

A residence on East Avenue is also getting a new roof. A crew of approximately a million dudes from Maple Leaf Contracting were swarming the beautifully maintained 2 story home both yesterday and today. Honestly if you told me they were wrapping up the job by end of work today I'd believe you. They were keeping up quite a pace over there.

Hopefully both roofs (rooves?) are completed before the next round of rainfall comes to town which according the weather forecast is around 6pm tonight (Tuesday).

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