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Saying Goodbye to Popular Potholes

Towns people may have noticed a lot of progress on the village streets of Andover this week. Now that the spring rain has shifted from constant to occasional the village crew is on the streets getting things done. Streets are being swept and prepared for yearly maintenance which includes patching potholes.

The most nominated favorite pothole(s) in town on Rochambeau Ave. are already no more. The village crew stealthily filled them before we truly had a chance to say goodbye. We payed tribute briefly this afternoon, but in all honesty no one will miss them. I drove the road today and did not feel the need to apologize to my car even once.

Village Supervisor Matt Zengerle says "There's more to come. We're just getting started." Matt outlined the village crew's plans to begin the patching in earnest later in the week after some electrical updates that were needed (weather permitting).

If you see the crew out working hard in this hot weather be sure to slow down and drive safely. Just because the potholes aren't holding you back anymore doesn't mean you need to speed up and miss the beauty and charm of the Village.

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