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School Is Out in Andover

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Today marked the last day of what felt like an endless school year for many. Children, Youngsters, Teens, Whippersnappers, and Young Adults poured into the streets just after noon due to an early release on the final day of the 2020-2021 school year.

What comes next? For 18 seniors graduation tomorrow will be the final step in their Andover Central School journey. For other students a sunny school free summer is ahead.

As community members how can we help ensure the village youth have amazing summer memories?

  • Slow down when driving and keep an eye out for kids playing outside, on bikes, skateboards, or hoverboards - nowhere you have to be is worth a child's life

  • You should 100% tell kids that back in your day you played town wide hide and seek at dusk - parents love that game

  • 4th of July is upcoming - remember that kids are people too. There are no bonus points for being a grump at boisterous kids on holidays

  • Volunteer to coach summer sports or teach kids fishing or whittling or whatever old timey stuff you do

Good luck to all the graduates and future graduates of ACS. We hope you have an amazing summer!

A front view of ACS set up for graduation

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