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Skunk Watch 2021

A surfeit of baby skunks has been spotted on the school grounds. Surfeit in French means excess/too much. Usually this name is most appropriate because any more than one skunk is too much stink, but in this case it is too much cuteness.

There were four (4) baby skunks with matching vertical white stripes on their itty bitty cute little faces. The future stinkers were tumbling around amicably in the grass during dusk hours. There was no mother skunk in sight, but skunks are normally nocturnal so she was probably catching a snooze. Babies never seem to know when to sleep.

One Andover resident stated "Can't have any skunks in this darn town, it'll stink the place up!" Which we agree, they are SO STINKIN CUTE!

It is advised that you do NOT touch, or trap the skunks as that is frowned on by the NY State DEC. It might be a crime, but I'm not sure. I'd imagine they'll find their way back to mom just in time to wake her up an hour before she wants to.

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