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Spring Wildlife Activity at the Ponds

Reports have been coming in of unusual wildlife activity at the Andover Ponds. We're used to snapping turtles, cranky geese, and the occasional duck being spotted in the spring, but the new resident(s) are a little unusual for our area. While we've not been able to get a clear photo it appears that some sort of large reptile or serpent is trolling the shallows.

Mysterious Pond Wildlife
It's a little hard to see, but it's for sure over there

When asked to describe the animal more in depth a witness started by asking if I'd ever seen that one film Anaconda. I have not seen that documentary featuring wildlife expert Ice Cube, but google tells me it's about an anaconda. That witness stated "It's pretty much exactly like that, but with legs I think. I didn't see any legs since it was underwater, but it moved like it had legs."

There have not been any long standing reports of animals of this nature at the Andover Ponds specifically. However, with the warmer climate some animal species have been migrating further north. It could also be one of the Erie lake monster Bessie's offspring has decided to find it's own spot.

One local supposed wildlife expert who did not see the animal in question stated "Look, lake monsters aren't actually real. I don't think it's an alligator, but I wouldn't guarantee its NOT an alligator. It might even just be a really big turtle or fat snake." Which, sounds an awful lot like they can't guarantee it's not a lake monster either.

Mayor Truax was not reached for comment.*

Canada Goose
Look! The cranky geese are back!

It's April 1st so take this all with a grain silo of salt.

PS: It's all lies

*I did not call the mayor. Sorry Dave.

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