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Steve Got a New Puppy

Andover Residents may have noticed a new pup in town over the 4th of July weekend. After the loss of his much loved pair of golden doodles, Charlie and Millie, last year Steve Walker has a new pooch.

man with dog
Steve Walker with either a puppy or living teddy bear

The long anticipated 12 week old golden doodle is named Liberty after the 4th of July holiday weekend when she joined her new family. The puppy was born in Bolivar, NY and the name Liberty is also in honor of that connection. How? No idea. Steve has a very long and complicated reasoning behind this and I'm sure he'll tell you if you ask.

dog under a desk
Libby hard at work at Walker Metalmiths

Liberty, or Libby for short, enjoys romping in weeds and mud and has a special fondness for getting burrs tangled in her teddy bear looking fur. Steve states, "She doesn't much care for having the burrs combed out, so she runs and hides... in the burr patch. It's not great." So far she's adjusting well to her new life as a shop dog at Walker Metalsmiths. You can see Libby walking to and from work with Steve for the next 12 years or so.

You may have noticed some other new puppies and doggos around town as well. It seems that the season is upon us for new pets in town. So keep a look out for errant pets as they adjust to their new homes.


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