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The Hartle Boys Rock The Village Pub

The Hartle Boys
High Quality Photo of The Hartle Boys at The Village Pub

The Hartle Boys lead by Bob Hartle brought the party to The Village Pub this Saturday afternoon. Bob played guitar and lead vocals with a drummer and base player that we are assuming are the other Hartle boys mentioned in the band name.

The drummer kept good time, and lead guitarist had some good solos, with the base rounding out the trio. The Hartle Boys played country, blue grass, and classic rock which was a big hit with the crowd. Bob informed the crowd, "The more you drink, the better we sound." Which was indeed our experience, but whether that was 3rd beer standards or the band warming up we couldn't say.

The show was well attended with some folks cutting a rug on the dance floor and others bopping along on bar stool while bar manager Crystal kept the crowd well lubricated. One spectator stated "I would definitely drink beer and watch these guys again."

There was a brief intermission for the Tokyo Olympics Spain vs USA Women's Table Tennis match (USA won), and for the band to get a break. After the break there was a bluegrass tune followed by what one observer called "people getting hella freaky on the dance floor." The freaky dance tunes were followed up by a Travis Tritt number which turned out to be "I'm Gonna be Somebody."

After 3 cold beers and some superior pickle chips it looked like a good time to dip. So, we're not sure how the show will end (they're playing until 7pm), but it was a good time from what was observed and it is definitely worth checking them out next time The Hartle Boys come to town.

A Cold Beer

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