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Homes in the Village Getting New Siding

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Spring has brought warmer weather to Andover and with that comes a burst of outdoor home projects. This year several homes in the village of Andover are getting new siding. So far there are at least 4 that are notably being re-sided, although there will surely be more as the season progresses.

On Pleasant Ave there is a home getting a nice deep green siding. The original paint color of the home was very similar so this seems like a natural choice. Barney Street also chose a green siding, but it a sage hue that is a nice compliment to the brick. It would seem that green is quite trendy especially on Barney St.

A passerby when asked for comment on the glut of new green siding in the village stated "Why should I care if they're green. Ain't my house." So it would seem that the overuse of green it's many hues is not causing much concern for the community.

Over on East Greenwood Street a slate blue siding is being applied which is replacing a spotty shingle situation. The blue is fitting in nicely to the neighborhood. The house looks to have had a new lease on life with a new roof and other general repairs.

Main Street has some classic white siding going up, which adds a clean look. We're all looking forward to the completed look.

There have also been some siding and painting projects completed over the winter during some dry patches so an honorable mention to the dove grey siding on Elm Street and the dark brown on Main Street.

We're can't wait to see what other colors of paint or siding come to light as the summer progresses.

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