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Vultures Spotted (Confirmed)

While cooking out on his deck local amateur bird watcher and vulture enthusiast Steve Walker spotted the previously reported vultures. As he was indignant at having his previous report doubted he provided photographic evidence this time. As you can see the evidence clearly shows five (5) birds in the sky above the treeline that are possibly vultures. Steve proudly proclaimed "I told you so!"

5 "Vultures" in the sky over Andover
5 "Vultures" in the sky over Andover

Other villagers had confirmed that they had also seen vultures in numbers ranging from 1-12 in the area. No one has reported a kettle as plentiful as the "definitely 13" that Steve Walker previously reported. Even Steve's own photographic evidence only shows 5 birds. When asked about the smaller than previously reported flock Steve stated, "I have no explanation for that. Maybe the other ones were out on a different job."

Stay tuned for more fish stories and flights of fancy.

Urgent Update: Anonymous community member backs Steve's claims of turkey vultures in Andover with **high quality video evidence**

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