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ACS Drama Club Presents 'You Can't Be Too Careful'

The ACS drama club under the direction of the illustrious Seth Grant, assisted by Shelly Grant, Jessica Wieszczyk, and Cody Green will be presenting 'You Can't Be Too Careful' this coming Friday and Saturday evening. The show is already sold out for both showtimes, so I sure do hope you got a ticket. Fortunately, I was able to sit in on a rehearsal last night so I can tell you how great it's going to be. The ensemble cast lead by senior Brynne Hunt, and Juniors Emily Schweigart and Will Kent have been working on the production since January. The students have been working on memorizing their lines, character development, costumes and set building. This charming comedy opens on a women's bridge night being interrupted by a pair of bank robbers. As you can imagine the evening does not go as planned and shenanigans ensue. There are good jokes and bad jokes, and physical comedy that keeps the laughs coming.

Director Seth Grant stated "It's been really great working with this cast and crew. It's the first time we've been able to stage a somewhat normal show since you-know-what." When asked if he thought the show was any good, Grant said "Yeah, it's going to be very good. These guys are still making us laugh in every rehearsal." Aside from the actors there is a robust crew of costumers, hair stylists, lighting, sound and stage crew. The whole lot are led by senior crew chief Olivia Hanks who keeps everything moving along behind the scenes. That is quite a feat since this group was a rowdy bunch. Several students declared (loudly) themselves and their characters "Iconic." I'm probably too old for the hip new lingo the young folks use these days, so I'm going to trust them on that.

Director Seth Grant and Assistant Cody Greene

This will be Seth, Shelly, and Jessica's 13th year as ACS drama club advisors, and it will be their last. They all expressed that they've enjoyed their time working with the ACS drama club, but it's time to hand over the endeavor to the next generation of drama club greatness which is TBD. Feel free to shower them with accolades and thank yous for their many years of hard work. © AndoverExclusive 2022

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