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Flower Boxes Filled on Main Street

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

The previously reported Main Street flower boxes have been filled. The flowers and greenery appeared suddenly as if transported by flower elves. It's also possible that we just missed Mel Thorpe and her crew doing the planting, but really, who could say?

Several villagers report that the flower boxes have actually been filled for several days. I didn't notice until this morning so that's just rumor and speculation.

The flowers themselves are colorful and varied. There is a central spiky green plant surrounded by some more green ivy looking stuff and some yellow round puff ball flowers, as well as red flowery things. The red one looks like it's struggling a little bit with the transplant in a couple of the planters so if you could say some words of encouragement as you pass by it would be much appreciated.

It would also be appreciated if you water the flower box in front of your own home or business if you're able. If you don't then one of your neighbors likely will.

The flowers on the Main Street island and down by the old Goodbody shop are also looking seasonally amazing.

Above pictures are all the planters that our correspondent felt like walking to.

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