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Weather Throws a Wrench in Local's Plans

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Guys...It's raining. This precipitation is alternating between an annoying mist and a more annoying steady rain. The town reservoir isn't minding the refill, but it has area residents feeling some kinda way. This rain is predicted to last through Saturday and potentially into Sunday with some locals speculating that the entire weekend may be a wash.

Grey Skies over Andover
Grey Skies over Andover

It's been rumored that the Grant family bonfire has been cancelled for this evening leaving marshmallows un-roasted. No rain date has yet been announced.

Local outdoor and geocaching enthusiast, Nick Davis, cancelled his weekend camping trip. However, he's not deterred and still plans to get out and enjoy the beautiful bounty of New York State, just in more indoor ways.

Other townsfolk have mentioned changing their plans mainly from outdoor BBQs to indoor activities. Several residents are still planning to grill outdoors stating that their menfolk "insisted," and "did not mind a little rain." The grilling volunteers in question had not been reached at time of publication to comment on their willingness to grill in the rain, but it's assumed that the grilling will be happening throughout the rainy weekend.

The Memorial Day parade had already been called off before the weather became apparent, but Memorial Day Ceremonies at Andover cemeteries to honor our veterans will still be held on Monday without fail. It looks like most of the annual cemetery preparation was completed previous to the rain. Ceremonies will start at Hillside Cemetery around 10-10:30 am followed by Gates of Heaven. Community members are welcome to join in this observation to honor Andover's Veterans.

Sidewalks are wet, trees are wet, cars are wet... it's all wet probably for the whole weekend

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