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Who let the cows out?

Yesterday Route 417 in Andover was awash with a bustle of unexpected activity just east of the overpass. Area residents were treated to a surprise guest appearance by local celebrity cows.

cows in a field
Celebrity Cow Girl Group makes surprise appearance in the valley

The cows reportedly rudely interrupted a card game of 'hand and foot' by local residents who were unaware of of the cows' celebrity status. The cow crew attempted to use 417 as a runway to strut their stuff, but the card players shooed them out of the roadway.

One card player stated "I coulda won that round if it weren't for those cows breaking my laser sharp focus."

Local law enforcement was called in to ensure the celebrity cows' safety as well as the safety of motorists. We're informed that state troopers responded and handled the situation and no cows, fans, or motorists were injured.

Apparently the manager and talent agent of the cows was also not expecting this particular cow outing , which begs the question...who let the cows out? Who? Who?

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