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Flower Display Competition Heats up on Main Street

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

With the village flower planters being installed yesterday area businesses have decided to join the charge towards beautification.

Harold Ford Inc. is out in front with 3 hanging baskets in red which adds a cheerful pop of color. They've also removed a tree and replanted another further back from the corner to increase visibility for drivers.

Walker Metalsmiths has also added 2 baskets of purple and pink petunias in front of their showroom. This is down from their usual 3 baskets, but I'm assured by management that there is a 3rd coming but the nursery was just out at the time. They are also expecting to install some across the street in front of their workshop.

The Andover Volunteer Ambulance Corps has also planted a row of greenery and flowers along the side of the new Ambulance bay with some very nice looking mulch. While technically not on Main Street or a business it's still worthy of an honorable mention as it adds a nice welcome as you drive into the village.

Another honorable mention is Gaylord Guns and Ammo as they've put up a new line of American Flag bunting in advance of the Memorial Day celebration. It's not floral, but it is very patriotic.

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